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Tapear in Marbella – Information Bodegas La Venencia

Bodegas La Venencia has been designed inspired by the style of the Jerez wineries, making it an excellent tapas in Marbella and located in the wonderful city of Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

Bodegas La Venencia is not only an ideal place to enjoy tapas in Marbella of quality food products, but it can take the best wines and fresh beers, including its specialties, meat, fish and homemade desserts.

Tapear in Marbella – Quality and dining experience

Bodegas La Venencia has an extensive menu, where diners can choose either a serving or half rations, as tapas. The most interesting and striking, is that it offers a wide and varied menu, divided into soups and entrees, salads, sandwiches, specialties, meats, casseroles, fish or seafood, suggestions house and homemade desserts.

Tapear in Marbella this winery a unique experience. In addition, this enclave has the main elements that will ensure their success, finding among its specialties Montadito Ham Ham, Duck Breast, Avocado with Prawns, Seafood Paella, among others.

Tapear in Marbella – impeccable service

Bodegas La Venencia has a team of professionals and skilled waiters, who will be available to answer your questions.

Tapear in Marbella – Cooks first

Tapear in Marbella in Bodegas La Venencia is a great experience, because it has a staff of a culinary team trained in the best Spanish schools.

Tapear in Marbella – Supreme Quality

What better option may exist for tapas in Marbella in this winery? Besides its varied and wonderful staff, all products used in the Venencia are top quality, finding fresh from the fish market, meat, vegetables and vegetable markets, all completely fresh fish.

Tapear in Marbella – perfect Enclave

Tapear in this place beautiful in the center of Marbella and Jerez immersed in pure environment.

Contact us and visit our gallery to discover the style of Bodegas La Venencia.

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